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School of Catering, Hospitality and Agriculture


School of Catering, Hospitality and Agriculture

The School of Catering, Hospitality and Agriculture is situated in a self-contained, purpose-built block housing a training restaurant, bakery shop plus specialist production kitchens, bakeries and teaching rooms.

Over the years, the school has maintained its reputation for producing high quality training in all aspects of the course provision. Students have recently achieved Medals of Excellence for Sugar Craft; Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for their cookery skills and service which are demonstrated in the award-winning Blasus training restaurant and coffee shop. The school also has a bakery shop, Y Pobty, where the bakery students sell their breads and cakes. All the facilities are open to the public during term times.

The School of Catering, Hospitality and Agriculture is a truly entrepreneurial school that provides students with a dynamic and realistic environment to work. Whether it be on our farm, around our gardens, in our bakery or in one of our fine dining restaurants, you surely will enjoy your college experience with us. We offer a wide range of qualifications ranging from entry to degree! We really are a one stop shop offering something for everyone.

In our industry standard facilities, workshops and classrooms, you will work alongside our very experienced and specialist lecturers. You will receive the training and qualifications that you need in order to achieve your goals and ambitions. Our dedicated team will closely monitor your progress and provide you with appropriate support as you progress through your college experience.

Through our strong industry links, career and employment opportunities are great! We have past students working all over the world as well as in senior positions locally. We have even had student who go on to work for royalty! We refer to these students as industry ambassadors and from time to time some of them will visit us to let you know how their careers are progressing since they have left college. We also invite local employers in for talks and presentation so you can hear all about the exciting employment opportunities that will be available to you.

Your experience with us will definitely be more than just an education as we often give students the opportunity to participate in educational visits or work experience both at home and abroad. Visits abroad have included Spain, France, Belgium and Amsterdam. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in competitions with many past students achieving gold, silver and bronze medals!

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

With more than 35 years experience, our school is highly regarded locally for the high standard of training we deliver. Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills whilst working in one of our commercial fine dining restaurants or bakery. In one of our industry standard kitchens or bakeries, students will develop and practice their skills and produce a wide range of delicious products that will be served in one of our commercial outlets. Students will enjoy studying and training in our very own self-contained areas within the college and develop their culinary knowledge in one of our workrooms or classes. The hospitality industry is growing fast, locally, nationally and internationally! The demand for professionally trained chefs, front of house staff with excellent customer service skills and supervisors is high! The hospitality and culinary arts industry is definitely the industry of opportunity and at NPTC Group of Colleges, under the watchful eyes of our dedicated lecturing professionals, you can achieve all the qualifications and training you need to set you off on a long and exciting career in hospitality!

For information about our restaurants and bakery shop, please click on the links below.


Agriculture I more than just farming; it is one of the world’s biggest businesses. There are over 200 different career areas available in agriculture. There is, at present, a very high demand throughout the industry for trained, educated and highly motivated young people to enter the industry.

Not only does agriculture provide a fulfilling and interesting career choice, it also opens the doors to many other industries, due to the broad education skills, training and experience that are required!

The Fronlas Farm at our Newtown Campus is the base for all land-base learners and has a range of purpose-built classrooms and workshops in addition to the commercial working farm. The farm has 128 hectares (316 acres) split equally between Fronlas Farm at Newtown and Cefnbryn Farm at Sarn some eight miles away. Both farms are run as one unit and carry around 150 beef cattle and 750 breeding sheep plus approximately 1000 lambs. The farms grow mainly grass with some other cereal and forage crops.

Both farms provide an important practical resource for land-base and other learners and the Newtown Campus Themes Restaurant is supplied with both beef and lamb from the form. The farms also supply both Morrisons and Sainsbury’s with beef and lamb during the year.


Horticulture is a diverse and dynamic industry that includes the commercial production of fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants as well as the design, establishment and maintenance of our parks, gardens, leisure and sports grounds, open spaces and managed landscapes.

Horticulture is a worldwide business spanning a range of interests including large multinational companies and smaller entrepreneurial organisations, Local authorities and National Trusts. At home and abroad, British-trained horticulturists are always in demand.

We offer a range of horticulture and gardening courses that provides you with the skills and training needed to succeed in a career in this sector. With our fantastic facilities of five large greenhouses and a large polytunnel used to store and grow a broad and intriguing range of plants, you are sure to enjoy the real outdoor experience.

Students are also given the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills through a number of sales activities throughout the year! Students will also enjoy planting and nurturing a range of herbs that are freshly picked for serving in our Restaurant, Blasus, on the Neath Campus.